Woman claims her breasts are too large to permit field sobriety testing

Filed under: DUI, Strange But True Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ April 17, 2012

A Port St. Lucie, FL woman claimed that she could not conduct field sobriety testing because her breasts were too large. Maureen Raymond, 49, was stopped for speeding and crossing double yellow lines after a report of a reckless vehicle was called in. A Sheriff’s Deputy asked her to submit to field sobriety testing, which she refused, stating “hell no, not with these … big boobies.” She ultimately did make some effort to attempt the testing, but also began dancing during one test and then started to disrobe to prove the size of her chest before being stopped by the Deputy. She reported having injuries of “big breasts” and whiplash that interfered with her ability to complete the tests. She was arrested and, once back at the station, she was deemed to have refused a breath test due to providing an insufficient breath sample.

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