WITNESSES NEEDED: James W. Worthington Bites Man’s Ear Off In Newtown

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James W. Worthington
The attacker, James W. Worthington. Image courtesy patch.com


Fairlie & Lippy is representing the victim in a savage attack that occurred at the Green Parrot bar in Newtown shortly after midnight on Tuesday, March 18. The attacker knocked our client to the ground, got on top of him, and then bit his entire ear off. With the permission of our client, we are seeking witnesses who saw the incident. The attacker was 23 year-old James W. Worthington, a Newtown Athletic Club employee. We are also following up on a witness report that Mr. Worthington has bitten at least one other person in a prior, similar attack. In each case it is alleged that he bit the person and then immediately fled. Worthington has been charged with aggravated assault, a first degree felony. It has also been reported that he was in the Green Parrot wearing a suit on the night of the biting attack because he had just come from being arraigned on charges of possession of steroids before The Honorable Donald Nasshorn in Newtown. Apparently he was also arrested for an attack on his girlfriend within just a couple weeks of this incident. If you or someone you know has any information about this incident, about James W. Worthington, or about other violent incidents involving Mr. Worthington biting or assaulting other people, please contact us.
Update May 1, 2014: Please contact us if you saw any other arguments or altercations involving Mr. Worthington and anyone earlier in the night of this incident at the Green Parrot.


  1. Concerned says:

    He’s been assaulting people since middle school. There are also documented cases from when he was in high school. Good luck.

  2. Tough guy says:

    He’s been an asshole since high school always picking on people. I saw him at the reunion and didn’t say a word to me after I acknowledged him. What a coward.

  3. Foe says:

    He is a Scum bag. Made assumptions about why I joined the military saying it was my only option. I turned out pretty darn well and don’t have to live off of Daddies success. Karma is a bitch. Throw his ass in jail. Better yet. Lets get him to sign a waiver for an MMA cage match against me and see how that works out for him.

  4. Ambrose says:

    Sounds like someone Christie Ambrose would associate with. Black Horse sucks

  5. Karma says:

    He deserves to be in jail. He is an abusive, manipulative, pathological liar. I’ve witnessed his drug use and the angry outbursts that follow his steroid intake. His rage could manifest as a murder if he is not taken off the streets. I would hate to see his father sweep this under the rug like he has done multiple times in the past. Money can only go so far.

  6. Scared says:

    Literally, the tattoo of Hannibal Lector on his arm says it all.

  7. Does not matter says:

    He also assaulted his girlfriend just before all of this. Get him off the streets. Money does not buy happiness.

  8. Annoyed says:

    Please tell me the law did their job and put this animal away. He’s been causing havoc for years. Disgusting. I bet he wouldn’t like his ear bitten off.

  9. Rex says:

    I heard that an retired policeman was involved in the biting incident. From what I heard, the policeman was holding the victim down when Worthington attacked him. Apparently there might be some type of cover up to protect the retired policeman. I have no idea if this story is accurate, but it should be checked out.

  10. NAC Member says:

    As a female member of the NAC, I am outraged the club keeps his picture up on the wall with the trainers. He is apparently a dangerous person who allegedly attacked a woman who was also a trainer at the NAC. What type of message is the NAC giving to the members, especially the women members. I heard, Jim Worthington senior runs the NAC like a dictatorship. I am sure no employee has the courage to take the picture down without his instruction. Keeping the picture up is Jim giving a big FU to the members.

  11. Another NAC Member says:

    I too am astonished that NAC keeps his picture on the wall. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to hire him for training knowing what a dangerous person he is. As for the woman he beat up, I hear Jim senior is blaming her and is claiming she set Jr. up. I doubt JW senior cares a hoot about the members.

  12. jhg says:

    Put him away. It’s one thing after another. The fact the NAC still supports him speaks volumes.

  13. RH says:

    Jimmy has severe emotional/mental problems, as does his father. I witnessed his verbal and physical abuse (some against my own child) during elementary and middle school years. His and his father’s violence is a long, long thread, but I doubt that will have any bearing on his most recent criminal incident. I honestly thought he would have been incarcerated a couple of years ago.

  14. No Way NAC says:

    Why oh why are people still paying this guy’s legal bills and going to the NAC? The Worthington’s are despicable people! Go to another gym, maybe we can be rid of all Worthington’s!

  15. Another NAC Member says:

    Jimmy was at the NAC yesterday. He was walking around with a mean, angry scowl on his face like he was angry with the world. I had heard Sr. had sent him to California while the situation cooled off. So I was surprised he is back at the NAC. He is dangerous and it is only a matter of time until he attacks one of the members. He isn’t fit to be around people and don’t know why Sr. allows him to roam around the NAC.

  16. karen says:

    Disgusted!! He is back at the NAC???? Wow. Must be nice to come from wealth and not have to conform to the laws and rules the rest of society is held to.

    Steroids, drugs, assaulting women, biting ears off and he is free to roam around the NAC?

    Something does not add up here.

    I have to agree with prior comment. Please boycott the NAC and give your money to an organization with values and morals.

  17. Chester says:

    This is like a rerun of history going back to 1973-74.

  18. jan says:

    I spent a lot of time with Jimmy when he was a child and he has always struggled with controlling his emotions. It is sad, because there was some good inside him. I guess evil won. I pray for him and his victims. Despite flaws in his father, please know his parents did try a lot to help him and I personally think he would have issues no matter what. Say what you will about this father, but his mother is a wonderful and loving person who certainly tried her best. My heart goes out to her, because she does not deserve this.

  19. Jake says:

    I actually was at the same facility jimmy went to in California. I was actually his roommate as well. The kids not as bad as you all play him out to be. Yeah he’s had troubles but drug abuse changes you. I personally almost caved in someone’s face after knocking them out. All be it, i was found to be acting in self defense. This is a good kid who unfortunately made some mistakes had you all met the Jim I did. You’d all tell a different story.

  20. Another Nac Member says:

    He attacked a total stranger for no reason and bit his ear off. He also beat the daylights out of his girlfriend. I’ve read of many other incidents of violent behavior from him going all the way back to middle school. These are not the actions of a nice person. He might have moments when he is pleasant but it doesn’t change the facts. I feel bad for his victims. Not him.

  21. A Nac member says:

    Everyone needs to mind their own business. How grown adults act is no reflection of the parents. Parents can only do so much and hope for the best when they grow into adults. About jimmy biting an ear off, come on and everyone needs to relax. It was an immature fight outside of a bar. “Sh*t happens”. As for his picture being hung in the gym, that’s his FAMILYS athletic club, no matter what a son does, family will always stick by family. It’s not a big FU to the members, jimmy did nothing to you. Look into all of your own pasts, I’m sure you’ve made mistakes. How he acted OUTSIDE of the Nac, that’s his own business.

  22. Me myself and I says:

    Did you really just say sh*t happens?? No, ears getting bitten off does not just “happen”. An immature fight? Wow , now I see why society is so effed up!!

  23. Another NAC Member says:

    Biting someone’s ear off is not just ” an immature fight.” It’s the sign of a sick individual who isn’t fit for society. He obviously can’t control his violent impulses. I understand he is in prison which is exactly where he belongs.

  24. Unknown says:

    Well his daddy kicked me out for a bad comment of his girlfriend and get this, I have aspergers and Jim Sr. Threatened to call the cops if I ever show my face there again. Sorry but they’re overpriced and Jim Worthington Sr is a jerk who picks on people with mental disabilities

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