White man jailed for three days when mistaken for black man 9 years younger and 100 pounds heavier because they share the name William Hilton

Filed under: Criminal Law, News, Strange But True Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ December 5, 2010

With all of today’s technology and sophistication you would think it would not be possible, but yet another mistaken identity case is making headlines. It can only be apathy on the part of law enforcement that would permit a white man 100 pounds lighter and 9 years older than the wanted fugitive who shares his name to be arrested and held in jail for three days. William Hilton insisted that he did not commit the crime, and in fact had come to the police station for the express purpose of advising them that his social security disability benefits (he has liver cancer) had been cut off due to erroneous records showing he had been arrested when in fact he never was. Check out the shocking video here.

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