Which States Have the Best and Worst Drivers?

Filed under: News by Contributor @ September 2, 2013

Numerous studies have been conducted that examine how good (or bad) drivers are in different states. For instance, GMAC Insurance ranks Washington, D.C., as having the least-knowledgeable drivers (that is, they performed the worst on a driving test conducted by the company). Check out how Pennsylvania ranks in these other categories:

  • Most knowledgeable drivers (GMAC Insurance):
    • Most: Kansas
    • Least: DC
    • Pennsylvania: 26
  • Most Distracted drivers (NHTSA):
    • Most: Tennessee
  • Best Teen drivers (US News):
    • Best: DC
    • Worst: South Dakota
    • Pennsylvania: 37
  • Best Senior drivers (TRIP):
    • Worst: Florida
    • Pennsylvania: 47
  • Likelihood of being killed in motor vehicle accident (2012 US Census):
    • Highest: Montana
    • Lowest: Massachusetts
    • Pennsylvania: 24

Unfortunately, data is not available in every category for every state. What do you think of these statistics? Comment and let us know.

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