Traffic Deaths in Pennsylvania Are At An All-Time Low

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In 2017, there were 1,137 traffic deaths, PennDOT announced. At 51 less traffic deaths than 2016, this is the lowest number of traffic deaths since PennDOT began keeping records in 1928. PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards noted the significant decreases is a combination of education, effective enforcement, and safety improvements.

These decreases are significant in impaired driver and pedestrian fatalities. Impaired driver crashes are down 341 deaths from 2016 and pedestrian deaths are down almost 20 deaths from 2016. PennDOT records show that this is a long-term trend, as the number of deaths has declined by 71 deaths compared to 2013.  We think the drop in deaths is due in large part to historically stiff penalties for DUI and distracted driving.  These newer laws can have a significant impact on those of whom they make an example, but the flip side is that they do make people think twice about dangerous activity and probably save lives as a result.

The downturn in traffic deaths is good news for Pennsylvanians. Unfortunately, this downturn is not enough. Many of these victims may be the result of another’s negligence or recklessness. The Wrongful Death of a loved one is always tragic. While no financial compensation can compensate for that, it can provide security and financial resources to help you and your family move forward.

To see more about PennDOT’s statistics:


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