Who does a better job of ignoring inadmissible evidence – Judge or jury?

Filed under: Criminal Law, DUI, Litigation, Personal Injury Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ April 19, 2011

Conventional wisdom amongst lawyers holds that Judges can better disregard inadmissible evidence when rendering a verdict. Any time there is evidence that is not permitted to be presented to the fact finder, the Judge must make that ruling and therefore must see the evidence. Similarly, sometimes the inadmissible evidence is blurted out in court before […]

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Beware of pleading guilty to traffic offenses

Filed under: Criminal Law, DUI Tags: , , by Steven F. Fairlie @ July 18, 2010

Did you know that the Court and/or police officer do not have to tell you if you might suffer a suspension of your driver’s license for pleading guilty to a traffic ticket. In fact, they may not even know that the offense carries a suspension. Even if that is the case, PennDOT will not care […]

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