Steven Fairlie Wins Right To Test DNA In 1986 Montgomery County Murder Case

Filed under: Criminal Law, Death Penalty Cases, Fairlie & Lippy News, News Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ September 21, 2011

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has refused to hear the District Attorney’s Appeal of a Superior Court PCRA ruling that will require the Montgomery County District Attorney to produce evidence collected from a 1986 Murder scene for DNA testing. Steven Fairlie argued the case with the Innocence Project before the Honorable S. Gerald Corso, who ruled that DNA testing need not be conducted. The Superior Court reversed that ruling, requiring that the evidence sought to be tested by turned over for testing by a reputable lab. A Norristown man has been behind bars since 1986 for a stabbing Murder that involved sexual assault in a bathroom where the perpetrator allegedly cleaned up and dried his hands with paper towels. The perpetrator would have had to be covered in blood, yet Mr. Conway had no blood on him – not even slight stains left after an attempt at washing away blood. Despite these facts, DNA testing has not been performed. Because DNA testing does not result in a narrative that tells the entire story there is no way to know whether the testing will answer the outstanding questions in this case, but now at least everything that can be done to get to the bottom of this case will have been done. Read more here.

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