Rate Montgomery County Judges and Bucks County Judges online

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If you were ever involved in a Montgomery County criminal or personal injury case you may wish to follow this link to rate the Judge that handled the case: http://www.courthouseforum.com/venue.php?venue_id=11817 . There is also a version of the site to rate Bucks County Judges: http://www.courthouseforum.com/venue.php?venue_id=11780. In fact, you can click through the website to write or read reviews on any Judge in Pennsylvania, or across the country for that matter. A quick review of the site shows that the vast majority of the reviews are from angry litigants who may have lost their cases, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and mixed in with the rants there are some solid reviews. I’d love to see more solid analysis and less ranting posted there, so if you are familiar with a local Montgomery County Judge or Bucks County Judge please post your thoughts. Here is theĀ Information on Montgomery County Judges.

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