Philadelphia Prosecutor Romantically Involved With Alleged Drug Dealer Prosecuted the Man Who Shot Him

Filed under: Criminal Law, Drug Crimes, News Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ May 21, 2011

It has been reported that Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Mitrick became romantically involved with an alleged Jamaican drug dealer shot in the head by two other man. It is not clear if the crime was an attempted robbery of narcotics or drugs. The victim survived the attack and the two men were tried for Attempted Murder and related charges. The story gets interesting when Mitrick, who prosecuted the trial, began to date the victim of the case. Court sources have reported that Mitrick began to date the man after the trial and promptly removed herself from the case by reporting the relationship to her supervisor. It has been alleged by other sources that officers who went to the man’s residence located a picture of him and Mitrick. We have not yet heard any public comment by Mitrick. For more, read here.

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