DUI breathalyzers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania invalidated

Filed under: DUI, News Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ March 23, 2011

CBS News has reported that five of eight breathalyzer machines in use in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania had calibration problems. Approximately 1100 DUI cases are implicated. Thus, anyone who has been arrested for DUI in the recent past, and submitted to a breath test, should contact a DUI attorney immediately. The attorney will review the certifications such as the certificate of accuracy and the calibration to determine whether the breathalyzer was accurate at the time of the test. If the machine was not properly calibrated then the test results can be suppressed. In the absence of solid field sobriety testing this will generally result in an outright acquittal. Even if field sobriety testing was done, this would result in a reduction from a highest tier DUI or high tier DUI to the lowest tier. Please feel free to call us to discuss whether your DUI would be affected.

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