Philadelphia District Attorney Seeking Participants For New Diversionary College Program

Filed under: Criminal Law, News by Contributor @ November 9, 2015

The Diversionary Unit of the Philadelphia District Attorneys Office is looking for participants to  join a pilot program for defendants charged with non-violent felony crimes into a year-long program operated in conjunction with the Community College of Philadelphia.

Specifically they are seeking:

  1. Philadelphia residents;
  2. Age 24 or older;
  3. No violent offenses associated with past or present charges;
  4. No prior felony convictions;
  5. No more than one prior conviction non-violent misdemeanor only conviction (some wiggle room here);
  6. No outstanding warrants.

The individual must have a high school diploma or GED.  CCP will handle other school or financial aid eligibility.  This is a voluntary program.   Participants will have to pay any tuition costs not covered through financial aid.  They will receive case management services and the opportunity to participate in career building workshops.  Also included in the program is an opportunity to work part-time.  After three successful, consecutive semesters, their cases will be dismissed with the possibility of expungment.

If you know of someone to refer, send the case information to Derek Riker, the Chief of the Diversionary unit in an email (   If he believes the person is an appropriate case, the individual will have to sit for an admission test and fulfill financial aid eligibility materials.

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