Pennsylvania Court orders newspapers to expunge private records of arrests

Filed under: Criminal Law Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ July 7, 2010

A Centre County court recently ordered local newspapers to expunge the records or arrests in five different cases, setting off a backlash of First Amendment rights stories in the media. The Philadelphia Inquirer and others reported the story, but it is noteworthy that as of yet it appears that none of the defendants have been mentioned by name. If that remains to be the case then this may open a new wave of Pennsylvania expungement activity in the future. The competing concern is that with all of the related press it is certainly possible that for now, it may be more prudent to wait it out. Requesting expungement only to have your name appear in articles across the country probably counteracts the intended result. More importantly, we have had great success in getting news agencies and other reporting companies to expunge their records by sending them copies of the Court’s expungement Order accompanied by polite, repeated requests to expunge their records.   Contact a Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney at Fairlie & Lippy for more information on expungements.

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