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For anyone dealing with driver license issues, the starting point should always be to obtain a copy of your driving record and a restoration requirements letter from PennDOT. We can order a driving record for a client and now the restoration requirement letter is available free of charge on: PennDOT’s website. To order the restoration requirements letter you must first login using your Driver’s License number and then you can select the option to order the restoration requirements letter. The restoration requirements letter is helpful as it sets forth exactly what a suspended driver must do in order to be able to get his driver’s license reinstated. Please do not hesitate to call us for assistance if you are experiencing problems obtaining reinstatement of your license, as there are many hidden problems that can hinder your ability to get your license back if you have not dealt with this before.


  1. In Pennsylvania, all you need to do to obtain your driver’s license number is obtain a restoration requirements letter or a driver’s license abstract, since either document will display your driver’s license number on it and can be obtained by supplying your first and last name. Please feel free to contact us and our Pennsylvania driver’s license attorneys can help you obtain these documents.

  2. Harold Gee says:

    How do I get my license number if I don’t have a license? I wish to have it reinstated, pending completion of the requirements to do so.

  3. steven gross says:

    I need the restoration requirements letter.

  4. I suggest you follow the link above. You can get it there. If you have trouble with that you can hire us to do it for you.

  5. Chad Kuhns says:

    My restoration letter lists a remaining balance on a traffic citation. I have since paid the remaining balance. However, the restoration letter does state there will be a one year suspension implemented in a month. Will this suspension be removed/revoked with the fine paid and my requirements met?

  6. Be very careful! Many people just pay off citations without consulting a lawyer, only to find that PennDOT will then suspend the license based upon the conviction. You only have 30 days from the date of the guilty plea to appeal so don’t delay if that happened to you. If the suspension was merely for failing to respond it should have been lifted when you paid the ticket. The fact that the suspension is for a set period of time makes me think that you pled guilty to something like Driving Under Suspension which normally carries a one year suspension once you are convicted. Always consult a lawyer before pleading guilty to a ticket! Steve

  7. David Faust says:

    Ive done everything I am supposed to do I even went through my state rep to get my license back I don’t know what to do

  8. Email me at the email on my website and let me know whether you are serving a suspension. It would be best if you could scan and send your driving record and restoration requirements letter for me to examine. Steve

  9. Savannah COleman says:

    I got a letter stating my liscense would be suspended for 3 months. I went online to print the restoration letter requirements and it said there are none to view/print. Is this a mistake?

  10. I haven’t heard of that happening before. I suggest you call PennDOT or have a lawyer call their office of legal counsel to get it straightened out.

  11. Gary Walker says:

    Approx 4 years ago I had 2 mini-strokes and went to rehab for 3 months, walked out of rehab no paralysis and received a letter stating my driving privileges had been revoked I am a Vietnam veteran being treated by the VA I was sent form DL-124 to be completed and returned, however no one will complete the form, as as result I cannot drive and have lost my home, business, I need this resolved so I can go on with my life.

  12. The first step is to have your doctor approve your ability to drive. Without a doctor’s opinion that you are safe to drive I don’t think you’ll have any luck. Ask your doctor what can be done to improve your condition.

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