Pa. Transportation Committee Expands Ignition-Interlock Requirements

Filed under: Criminal Law by Contributor @ July 7, 2014

The Pennsylvania Senate Transportation Committee recently met and voted to amend Senate Bill 1036, expanding the ignition-interlock requirements. Ignition-interlock devices are essentially breathalyzers installed in cars. They require the driver to exhale into the device to show that the driver is not intoxicated when starting the car or while driving. If the driver refuses to give a sample or the sample exceeds a certain blood alcohol level (generally in the area of .02) the device will activate audible and visual alarms to notify others of the problem and the device will log the event. In the interest of safety the car will not automatically turn off.

Senate Bill 1036 expands the group of people required to install ignition-interlock devices to include first-time DUI offenders- unless they had a Blood Alcohol Content of less than 0.10 percent. It would also allow DUI offenders who have served half of the license suspension to apply for an interlock ignition limited license. One of the main goals of this law would be to address the concern of DUI offenders driving with suspended licenses.

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