Northpoint Insurance For First-Time DUI Offenders

Filed under: DUI by Contributor @ September 22, 2013

Every driver knows that getting a DUI is very expensive. Between fines, court costs, and lawyer fees, a first-time offender can expect to pay thousands of dollars . One thing many drivers lose sight of is how a DUI conviction can affect their auto insurance.

If a driver’s current insurance provider finds out about a DUI, they may increase the policyholder’s premium significantly or drop him or her altogether. Some drivers with a DUI conviction are not dropped, however, as not all insurance providers do background checks on current drivers. One sure way to trigger a background check is to apply for insurance with a new company. The new company is certain to perform a background check and find out about the DUI, so once dropped many drivers are unable to obtain new insurance. Further, they are afraid to price-shop for this reason.

Fortunately, there are insurance providers that cater to first-time DUI drivers. Northpoint Insurance contacted me to suggest that they provide first-time DUI offenders with first-class coverage at affordable rates. To contact Northpoint Insurance, visit their website at, call (267) 328-6700, or email Unfortunately I cannot recommend them as I have never used them, but wanted to perform the service of letting my clients know they exist in case this service will help anyone.

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