New app gives you attorney access from scene of accident or DUI

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Ever wish you could access an attorney when he’s needed most – at the scene of an accident or DUI?  A new App is designed to fulfill that wish.

EmergInfo is available on both iPhone and Android.  It is a free App that provides  immediate emergency information for those who have been involved in an Accident or a DWI / DUI situation and immediately notifies family and friends to help you in your time of need.  EmergInfo was developed with the idea of creating a simple and easy way for people to get emergency information, make immediate decisions that could affect a Personal Injury lawsuit or a Criminal DWI / DUI case, and most importantly notify loved ones of your situation so that they can get you help, wherever you are.  EmergInfo utilizes GPS technology to determine your exact location so that you can notify your family and friends of where you need help and provides you with local lawyers who are available, anytime, to assist in your time of need.   Of course, if you are reading this you are probably already familiar with the Pennsylvania law firm of Fairlie & Lippy, P.C. and if your situation occurs in Montgomery County, Bucks County, or anywhere else in Pennsylvania, you could simply call us at (215) 997-1000.   We frequently pick up the phone at night and check our messages well into the night.  If the need arises outside the state of Pennsylvania then the EmergInfo App may give you the assistance you need.
Below, please find links to the EmergInfo App on iPhone and Android and a description of the App.  You may also visit their website located at

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