Montgomery County Attorney David Manilla sentenced to 10-25 years in prison

Filed under: Criminal Law, News Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ July 8, 2011

Montgomery County Attorney David Manilla has been sentenced to 10-25 years in state prison for the shooting death of another hunter this past winter. He originally pled Nolo Contendre (no contest) but changed that to Guilty today to the charge of Involuntary Manslaughter and Guilty to two weapons counts in Bucks County Court of Common Pleas. The plea comes as no surprise given the evidence and statements that have been widely reported in the media, but it is still a shock to see a Montgomery County, PA attorney suffer a sentence of this magnitude. We cannot remember the last time a Montgomery County attorney was sentenced to a period of ten or more years, if it has ever happened. Please respond with your thoughts about this fascinating case, which may remain in the news due to an ongoing federal investigation into how a former felon was in possession of so many guns.

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