Man Arrested for DUI With BAC 8 Times the Limit

Filed under: DUI by Contributor @ August 23, 2012

A man in Iowa was arrested recently for DUI, having a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .627%, nearly eight times the legal limit of .08%. Justin Clark was allegedly seen by others on the road driving his Toyota Yaris erratically and was soon stopped by the police.

The portable breathalyzer recorded his BAC as .486%, giving police more than enough probable cause to arrest him. Clark was so intoxicated that he could not exit his car or walk without the help of officers, and when asked what day it was, he responded “3 but now it is 4.” The official blood test taken at the hospital recorded a BAC of .627%. A picture of the criminal complaint can be seen here.

According to Wprost, a Polish weekly newsmagazine, the record for the highest BAC ever recorded was 1.48%. A Polish man wrecked his car while being extremely intoxicated, but did not survive. Amazingly, it was not the alcohol that killed him…injuries sustained from the accident did. Death from alcohol poisoning becomes a good possibility at a BAC of .50% and above. Many sources suggest that death can result from a BAC much lower than .50%.

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