Lawyer who Exposed Himself on a Flight Pleads Guilty

Filed under: Strange But True by Contributor @ June 28, 2012

California lawyer Leonard Julius Sawyerr is in trouble yet again. It seems that he never got the lesson while he was growing up about how to behave in public. He has just pleaded guilty to two counts of lewd, indecent or obscene acts.

The 33 year-old lawyer was on a flight bound for Houston, in the middle seat of his row. He attempted to talk to the woman sitting in the window seat next to him, who promptly rejected his advances by putting in her headphones. Sawyerr tried to regain her attention by putting up his tray table and exposing himself, then asking her if she wanted to climb over him after she asked to be reseated. Sawyerr is also accused of exposing himself to the flight attendant on the same flight and allegedly said “can’t a guy have his fly undone?”

The flight fiasco was not Sawyerr’s first time in trouble for failing to behave himself in public. He pleaded no contest in November 2011 to two battery charges, resulting from an incident when he allegedly patted the buttocks of a female prosecutor. That same incident also prompted the California Bar to suspend his license to practice law for six months.

Fortunately we are not aware of any similar convictions of Pennsylvania lawyers.

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