Lansdale Man Going to Jail for Soliciting Juvenile’s Help During Drug Deal

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20 year-old Nyjal Scott Torres will be facing time behind bars for soliciting the help of a juvenile in drug deals in Lansdale. The investigation, headed by the Montgomery County Drug Task Force, began in September of 2010 when police received a tip that he was a marijuana dealer. Since then, the Task Force made two controlled buys from Torres using an informant.

At the first of two buys, Torres met the informant in Lansdale, and “waved someone over” to where it was taking place. That “someone” happened to be a 17 year-old juvenile, who completed the hand-to-hand transaction. In October 2010 there was a second controlled buy, which again took place in Lansdale, but this time without the help of the juvenile.

In addition to the charges from the buys, Torres pleaded guilty to possession with intent to deliver marijuana, possession of oxycodone and possession of drug paraphernalia. These charges arose from an April 2011 incident where he was found with marijuana and paraphernalia in his backpack while walking on Bethlehem Pike in Montgomery Township, and another incident in November 2011 when he was found with marijuana and oxycodone on him in a car.

For soliciting the help of a juvenile, Torres will be in jail for 11½ to 23 months, followed by 6 years of probation. Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Rebecca Strubel says it is “horrendous to involve a kid in a drug deal because the drug trade is extremely dangerous.” Of course, the interesting factor in this particular usage of the new law is that there may well have only been a few months age difference between the two, and in no event could there have been more than two years difference. Please post your thoughts on this issue here – should law enforcement pursue this type of crime when the adult is 18 and the minor is 17?

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