Jeffrey Leinheiser, Convicted of Third Degree Murder, Warns of Dangers of Robotripping

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We represent Jeffrey Leinheiser, the Jenkintown teenager who was convicted of Third Degree Murder for shooting his girlfriend’s abusive father in the head while he slept in his apartment.  Jeffrey was high on Robitussin DM, which contains an active ingredient commonly referred to as DXM.  Ingesting large quantities of DXM is known as “robotripping.”   Robotripping can result in visual and auditory hallucinations and symptoms very similar to those caused by PCP or ketamine (“special K”).

Jeffrey has nothing left to prove, having won his trial on First Degree Murder charges.  He agreed that he was guilty of Third Degree Murder and chose not to take an appeal.  He was sentenced to 15-30 years in a Pennsylvania prison.

Jeffrey’s only goal in this is to spread the word that robotripping can cause kids to do things they clearly would not otherwise do if sober.  The scary thing is that while there are tons of examples of kids who have done horrible things while “robotripping,”  and while nearly all high school kids are familiar with the term and its meaning, parents are almost universally unaware of it.  The disconnect is alarming.  Jeffrey has volunteered to help anyone who would like to get the word out on robotripping so that perhaps other tragic situations can be avoided.  He is willing to give interviews and even go on camera to discuss the effects of robotripping.

Jeffrey’s addiction to robotripping was well documented at his trial.  He had eyewitness accounts of his usage of the drug, email and facebook references to his usage, and Abington Memorial Hospital records documenting his admission for an overdose on the drug, all long before the shooting.

Please feel free to contact Fairlie & Lippy, P.C. if you can use Jeffrey’s help in getting the word out.

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  1. Rita Leinheiser says:

    Just saw this – thank you Steve. You are really a “Caring Counselor”

    Merry Christmas

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