How to apply for a Governor’s Pardon in Pennsylvania

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Governor’s Pardons are rarely granted within the first ten years after a conviction. If you were just convicted five years ago you might not want to spend any money applying for a pardon. Although the pardon process can be a lengthy one and can take several years, the actual application is fairly straightforward with only several steps.

1. Request the application, which can be done online at or in writing by printing the application and sending it in with an $8.00 fee.
2. When filing the application, you must send in the original- NOT a copy. Please note that along with any other prior convictions, you will also have to provide a list of all traffic/non traffic citations and the dispositions of those citations. Once your driving record is obtained, you must contact the magisterial district and attempt to get the record of disposition from the court.
3. Once the application is complete and sent in, you will receive a confirmation letter.
4. Soon after, an agent with the Board of Probation and Parole will conduct an investigation and set up an appointment to meet with you to gather additional information.
5. Once the investigation is complete, reports are forwarded to the board to determine if a hearing is granted which would be scheduled and held in Harrisburg, PA.
6. If the majority of the Board votes in favor, the application is sent to the Governor to approve/disapprove.
7. If the application is denied, you can re-file after twelve (12) months. After two adverse decisions, you must wait twenty-four (24) months.

While you can apply on your own, seeking counsel is always an option to help you through this lengthy process. As simple as the process may seem there are some pitfalls that can create major problems (such as disclosure of tax fraud, applying too soon, etc.) if you are not careful, so be sure to get the advice of a lawyer before filing an application on your own. Please call us at 215-997-1000 or email if you are interested in retaining counsel.

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