First Suburban Red Light Cameras Installed In Abington

Filed under: News by Contributor @ August 12, 2014

Abington Township has become the first Philadelphia suburb to start using red light cameras. The cameras were placed in service on August 1, 2014, although violations are currently only being punished with warnings. After a two-month grace period, the fine for driving through a red light will be $100. The cameras will not only ticket people for driving through a red light, but also for turning right on red and for failing to stop before the white “stop bar.” Although a normal red light violation citation carries points under state law, no points will be assessed for citations issued via red light cameras.

The red light cameras are currently installed at 3 intersections: Old York Road at Susquehanna Road, Old York Road at Welsh Road, and Moreland Road at Fitzwatertown Road. Abington will review the usage of these cameras after one year, in August 2015, to decide if they will continue to be used or if they will be eliminated.

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