Fairlie & Lippy Averaging Eight Years Incarceration Per Murder in Montgomery County

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Steven Fairlie represented a man charged with Murder in a Montgomery County gunpoint robbery today and the man was sentenced to 6-12 years incarceration after an open guilty plea. The last two Montgomery County Murder cases handled by Fairlie & Lippy attorneys resulted in 3 years and 15 years respectively. In a county where there may only be one acquittal in a murder case a decade, and where many get life in prison, averaging 8 years of incarceration per Murder case is a feat worthy of mention. The sentence of 15 years was obtained after trial in case where a man was shot in the head with a revolver at the request of his daughter. The Commonwealth had offered life in prison on First Degree Murder and the client was only convicted of Third Degree Murder and then sentenced to fifteen years. The case where the sentence was only three years was resolved by a negotiated guilty plea after extensive trial preparation showed the Commonwealth that the case would be hotly contested. If you or someone you know has been charged with homicide, contact a Pennsylvania Criminal Lawyer at Fairlie & Lippy to handle your case.

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