DUI “Expert” Facing Perjury Charges

Filed under: Strange But True by Contributor @ October 30, 2013

A Georgia doctor is facing perjury charges for allegedly lying about his credentials as an expert witness in DUI cases in Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Centre and Clinton counties. The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office is leading the prosecution and charged 68-year-old Dr. Joseph Citron with two felony counts of perjury, two counts of false swearing and one count of making an unsworn falsification.

According to prosecutors, Citron, who is actually an ophthalmologist, fabricated several of his credentials. For example, Citron claimed that he was invited to the Georgia Public Safety Training Center to train police officers in field sobriety testing; in fact, he was a guest lecturer at the Public Safety Training Center’s fire academy where he discussed eye injuries. Citron also claimed to have been invited by the governor of Georgia to participate in “Drunk Busters” to review field sobriety training with police departments; officials in Georgia, however, say that they have never heard of that program.

Dauphin County deputy district attorney David Wilson says that he questioned Citron’s testimony when he gave “questionable medical testimony” by testifying that a driver lacked the lung capacity to blow into a breathalyzer hard enough for an accurate reading. If convicted, Citron faces up to seven years in prison for the perjury charges.

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