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Filed under: Criminal Law, Drug Crimes by Contributor @ May 30, 2014

Back in January, we featured a blog post about the Obama administration seeking low-level drug offenders who are candidates for clemency because of the old “racist” sentencing guidelines for drug offenses. The push for clemency came after the Fair Sentencing Act was enacted in 2010, which reduced the discriminatory effects of drug sentencing laws on minorities. The FSA is not retroactive, however, so the Obama administration sought candidates for clemency in an effort to remedy the years of discrimination that ran rampant in low-level drug cases across the country.

In an apparent clash with the Obama administration, DOJ Pardon Attorney Ron Rodgers has suddenly sought reassignment, ostensibly because he does not want to be the one to release the non-violent drug offenders. According to Deputy Attorney James Cole, more than 20,000 inmates who were sentenced under the old regime are likely candidates for clemency. To facilitate the increased clemency requests, Attorney General Eric Holder says that dozens more attorneys will be assigned to the Pardons office, and that the clemencies will “restore a degree of justice, fairness and proportionality.” If you have a loved one who may be eligible for a pardon or clemency we can help you.

What do you think about Rodgers’ “reassignment request?” Let us know in the comment section.

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