Do you know the penalties for DUI in Pennsylvania??

Filed under: DUI Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ August 16, 2010

We get many calls from people who have been arrested for DUI and want to know what the penalties can be.  We’d like to spread the word and let you know that the mandatory minimum penalties for a Pennsylvania DUI are readily available right on our website.   If you never bothered to find out what can happen to you if you have a couple drinks at dinner and drive home, you should review the table of penalties.  If you think you might want access to this information in the future you should bookmark or save to favorites  .  Be sure to scroll about half way down to where the chart starts.  If you can’t use the link, type in and go to our practice areas page, and then click the link for DUI Penalties.  Bookmark that page and you won’t have any trouble finding it if you need the information again.

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