Connecticut poised to abolish the death penalty

Filed under: Criminal Law, Death Penalty Cases Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ April 5, 2012

The Connecticut Senate voted this morning to abolish the Death Penalty in that state.   The Governor quickly went on record to make it very clear that he intends to sign the bill.   He stated that the Death Penalty is not workable at all in Connecticut.  One can easily draw a parallel to Pennsylvania, which spends millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, annually, in support of a penalty that is never executed in Pennsylvania.   We have repeatedly suggested that it does not matter if you are for or against the Death Penalty on a moral basis – it simply cannot stand a cost-benefit analysis instituted by any rational person.   Pennsylvania has easily spent hundreds of millions over the last couple decades, in pursuit of the Death Penalty, without executing anyone.  Why bother?  Studies have shown there is little, if any deterrent effect.  A much better and more cost-effective deterrent would be to spend more on community programs or increased patrols in high-crime areas.   Many suburban Philadelphia communities, like Norristown, Chester, Bensalem and others would benefit greatly from increased patrols and community infrastructure, but instead our governments are wasting the money pursuing a penalty that is never implemented.

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