Now it may be harder for opponents to use social media posts against you in court

Filed under: Criminal Law, Litigation by Contributor @ October 22, 2018

Can your social media posts be used against you in court? The simple answer is yes, but only if the posts are properly authenticated. In light of recent hacks to social media sites like Facebook, authenticating social media posts in court is becoming more challenging. There are two basic questions that need to be answered […]

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Pennsylvania updates court reporting rules

Filed under: Litigation, News by Steven F. Fairlie @ December 17, 2014

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has announced adoption of the first new set of rules regulating court reporting and court transcripts in more than thirty years. Among the issues updated are the maximum costs for transcripts, ownership of transcripts and payment therefore (to the court rather than court reporters), waiving fees for litigants who are unable […]

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Deals Blow to Homeowners

Filed under: Stucco Home Litigation by Contributor @ August 18, 2014

In Conway v. Cutler Group, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that a home builder’s implied warranty of habitability does not apply to a subsequent purchaser of the home. Essentially, this means that the subsequent purchaser of a home cannot sue the original builder of the home for any latent defects which the original builder was responsible for. In Conway, […]

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This man is so good at being deposed that he does not need a lawyer

Filed under: Litigation by Steven F. Fairlie @ February 26, 2014

Whether you are an attorney who handles depositions or someone who may have to sit for a deposition in a lawsuit someday you owe it to yourself to watch this brief clip of a deposition. It shows a master at work and will help both practicing attorneys and lay people who want to learn more […]

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Bucks County Court awards $21,232.13 in delay damages against Cutler

Filed under: Stucco Home Litigation by Steven F. Fairlie @ June 23, 2013

We recently won an award of $150,000.00 against The Cutler Group, Inc. d/b/a The David Cutler Group from a Bucks County Jury for defective stucco construction under the theory that the manner of construction breached Pennsylvania’s Implied Warranty of Habitability, which is implied in every new home sale in Pennsylvania. In another case, which is […]

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