Bucks County Rapper Pleads Guilty To Drug Dealing Anticipating Increased Street Cred

Filed under: Criminal Law, News, Strange But True Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ January 6, 2011

Ironically, former Council Rock South basketball star Tobechi Anakwe appears to have embraced his conviction yesterday for Possession With Intent To Deliver Marijuana, rather than suffered it. His defense attorney noted that it is a tradition for the hottest new hip-hop artists to encounter brushes with the law, and suggested that Anakwe now has something in common with Jay Z, P-Diddy, Snoop-Dogg, Dr. Dre, and even Frank Sinatra.

Anakwe was sentenced by The Honorable Jeffrey Finley to one to two years in prison, but permitted to serve two months in the county jail, two months in the minimum security community corrections facility, and the balance on house arrest.

The defendant had less that two pounds of marijuana with him at the time of his arrest, so it appears that no mandatory minimums (which are triggered for marijuana at two pounds or other factors such as possession of a gun or proximity to a school zone) were implicated. He did have $5,800.00 in cash which was likely forfeited to the District Attorney.

Anakwe’s famous songs include “Doors Fold Up” and “Holla Back.” When Judge Finley asked him what his plans were if his music career was not successful he did not know. Judge Finley told him that was immature and that he should think about his future, pointing out that although Anakwe may not think that the conviction will hurt him in the music business, it will definitely hurt him if that endeavor does not pan out.

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