Bucks County Ambulance Driver Charged With DUI After Accident

Filed under: DUI, Strange But True by Contributor @ May 5, 2013

In Bucks County last month a Newtown Ambulance driver was charged with DUI after getting into a minor accident while transporting a patient. Nicholas White, 30, was driving on Route 1 in Middletown en route to Montgomery Township so the patient could be given a mental health evaluation. Around 4:30 pm, he hit a curb and flattened one of the ambulance’s tires. A police officer stopped and asked if anyone needed help and Newtown squad’s Chief of Operations Jeff Stocklos told him that he suspected that White was intoxicated. White was unable to properly balance, had bloodshot eyes and an odor of alcohol about him, and failed two field sobriety tests. The police officer asked White how he managed to hit the curb, to which White replied, “I’m an alcoholic.” The officer then asked him how much he had to drink, to which White again replied, “I’m an alcoholic.” White was charged with driving under the influence, recklessly endangering another person, and careless driving, and was promptly terminated. Prior to this incident, White had never failed any drug tests administered by Newtown Ambulance, nor had he ever had any disciplinary issues. Stocklos remarked that “he had always been a model employee” and that “it took everybody totally off guard.”

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