Bread Can Cause False Positive on Breathalyzer

Filed under: DUI by Contributor @ February 8, 2013

Portable breath tests, such as the Alco-sensor, and full size breathalyzers, such as the Intoxilyzer, purport to only detect the presence of alcohol in a person’s breath. But did you know that some foods can give off false positives? Even though these devices claim to detect alcohol only and not other chemicals such as acetones and methane, they can be fooled by a slice of bread.

Tests have demonstrated that after eating a single slice of bread, a person with no alcohol in his system can show a BAC .046% or higher on a breathalyzer. This is cause for concern for school bus and truck drivers, as their BAC cannot read higher than .02% and .04%, respectively. This also has implications for someone who had two drinks and a slice of bread, who would otherwise blow approximately a .04%.

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