Brand New Expungement Law – Get that embarrassing Underaged Drinking or other Summary Offense conviction off your record!!

Filed under: Criminal Law, News Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ July 14, 2009

Were you ever cited for Underaged Drinking, Disorderly Conduct, or other similar “summary criminal offenses”? Would you like to remove that embarrassing and unsightly blemish from your record? Until recently, the answer was that such convictions were effectively permanent, as they could only be expunged if you were over 70 years of age AND met other criteria, or if you had been dead for three years. Pennsylvania’s legislators were sympathetic, however, and recently passed a new law providing for expungement of Underaged Drinking convictions upon attaining the age of 21. Other summary offenses may be expunged after five years have passed without new new offenses. Please contact us for details if you are interested in filing for expungement as this must be handled by filing a Petition in Court.

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