Beware how you dispose of your old copier

Filed under: News, Strange But True Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ May 4, 2010

Many people do not contemplate the consequences of disposing of an old copier or scanner. While they take great pains to “scrub” or destroy the hard drives of their old computers, they simply discard copiers and scanners without a thought about the consequences. As a recent CBS News report,;photovideo, warned, old copiers are a new source of data for identity theft. The CBS report shows shocking footage of documents recovered from a Buffalo Police Department copier (sex crimes unit arrest reports, Narcotics offense police reports, etc), individual medical records containing test results and diagnoses, etc. The risk of identity theft in these situations is great, and companies should realize that disposing of a copier without scrubbing the hard drive is a lawsuit waiting to happen

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