Arrested for Practicing Law Under the Influence?

Filed under: News Tags: by Steven F. Fairlie @ January 26, 2012

The Visalia Times-Delta has reported that California lawyer Michelle Winspur was arrested for appearing in court on behalf of clients under the influence of alcohol. A member of the court’s staff noticed that she was manifestly under the influence. As a result, field sobriety tests were administered and failed and then a breathalyzer was administered. The results were nearly twice the legal limit to drive, which unfortunately for Winspur, she was seen doing on her way to court. As a result she was also arrested for DUI. To make matters worse, Winspur was previously alleged to have tried a two day family court trial while intoxicated such that the Court was forced to declare a mistrial. She then allegedly appeared in Court in October and December of this year clearly under the influence. She was unable to appear for her arraignment as she had checked herself into rehab. Hopefully she will get any issues that she is suffering from under control, but her clients need not worry any more as California has placed her law license on inactive status and disciplinary proceedings that could result in disbarment are pending against her.

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