Are You at Risk for a Dog Bite? The Statistics may Shock You

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Each day in the United States, 1,000 citizens require emergency medical treatment as a result of dog bite injuries. While this is relatively low in relation to the total population, serious dog bite injuries have the potential to be fatal and cause permanent disfigurement. Here are some statistics relating to dog bite injuries that may surprise you.

According to a study that focused on dog-attack fatalities and maimings, Pit bulls and Rotweilers are the most vicious of all the breeds. From September of 1982 to December of 2011, data was collected revealing that Pit bulls and Rottweilers were responsible for 77% of attacks that induce bodily harm, 73% of attacks to children, 81% of attacks to adults, 68% of attacks that involve fatalities, and 76% of attacks that result in maiming. Thus, it can be concluded that Pit bulls and Rottweilers are the most prone to attacking people as well as inflicting serious bodily harm.

Further research indicated that during the period of January 2006 to December 2008, Pit bulls accounted for approximately 59% of the 88 dog-attack fatalities reported. Rottweilers came in second, responsible for just 14% of all deaths. Therefore, over the course of the three-year period, Pit bulls averaged one fatal attack every 21 days, quite a disturbing figure. Additionally, Pit bulls accounted for 81% of all off-property attacks resulting in death, making them a threat in nearly any environment.

To make matters worse, the average cost of a dog-bite injury hospital stay is a whopping $18,000. This figure is 50% higher than the average cost of other injury related hospital stays. However, there are risk factors that if detected can aid you in avoiding potential dog-bite injuries and the accompanying price tag. Male dogs are 6.2 times more likely to attack than female dogs, and male dogs are 2.6 times more likely to attack if they are intact as opposed to being neutered. Also, surprisingly, a chained dog is 2.8 times more likely to attack than a dog that is unchained. Perhaps an argument against leash laws? Or more likely, dogs that are chained are restricted in that fashion for a reason, so be careful to avoid them.

If these statistics make any statement, it is that canine attacks are a real threat and their effects can be devastating, even fatal. So stay alert when in the presence of strange dogs and stay safe. If you have been the victim of a canine attack, contact a Pennsylvania Dog Bite Lawyer at Fairlie & Lippy.

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