Another big NOT GUILTY in the Furry “rape” case

Filed under: Fairlie & Lippy News by Steven F. Fairlie @ January 31, 2018

Fairlie & Lippy’s Steven Fairlie won another big Not Guilty verdict in the Bucks County Furry “rape” case.  Ken Fenske (whose name is used with permission) was charged with Rape of a Child.  A horrendous charge and a nightmare to defend against given that the allegations were made 8 years after the crime was supposed to have occurred.  This type of case has no scientific evidence like DNA, rape trauma, fingerprints, etc.  It is nearly impossible for witnesses to remember where they were and what they saw 8 years ago when they had no idea that a crime would later be alleged.  The case also highlighted rape shield motions and a motion to preclude a sexual assault expert’s testimony, initially denied and then ultimately granted.  Ultimately Mr. Fenske was vindicated and found Not Guilty given inconsistencies in the case that could not be reconciled with the allegations.  One of the most interesting was the allegation that he wore a fox fur suit during perpetration of the alleged crimes in 2009 despite the fact that no one had ever seen him wear such a suit until he had one made in 2015.

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