We handle DUI’s across Pennsylvania, but for the most part we are Montgomery County, PA DUI lawyers and Bucks County, PA DUI lawyers. We are happy to answer questions from across the rest of the state, and suggest that anyone in Pennsylvania interested in DUI law can benefit from the wealth of information stored in the pages hyperlinked from this page. Learn all about the best DUI defenses, frequently asked questions, and the applicable DUI penalties. Please call us if you have further questions after reviewing these materials.  You should note that among all of the other recognitions our firm has received, Steven Fairlie has been recognized as one of the best DUI attorneys in the nation by the National Association for Drunk Driving Defense. Be sure to ask us about the 2013 Schildt case and the possibility that your case could be dismissed if the police used a breathalyzer to measure your BAC. If your case is in Montgomery County be sure to ask us about the new DUI court and the new house arrest program being run by The Honorable Cheryl Austin. Bucks County also has a good house arrest program that we would be happy to explain.