Legislators Gone Wild

Filed under: Sex Crimes by Contributor @ May 7, 2017

Last September, the Arizona Supreme Court issued a startling decision that expanded the state’s child molestation law to criminalize any contact between an adult and a child’s genitals. Molestation of a child under the statute consisted of “intentionally or knowingly engaging in or causing a person to engage in sexual contact with a child under […]

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Weapons Permitted on School Properties If Used for Lawful Purpose

Filed under: Criminal Law by Contributor @ April 9, 2017

The Pennsylvania Superior Court in Commonwealth v. Goslin held that the language in the Possession of a Weapon on School Property statute, though broad, is unambiguous. Thus, the statute does not prohibit weapons on school property so long as the weapon is possessed for a lawful purpose. This is reminiscent of the open carry laws […]

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Drug Education Program Available to First Time Drug Offenders

Filed under: Drug Crimes by Contributor @ March 8, 2017

With the rise in drug-related offenses across the greater Philadelphia area, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and Lower Providence Police Department announced the launch of a new drug education program for young drug offenders. The Drug Education and Abuse Prevention program (D.E.A.P.) is a voluntary pilot program for 18 to 26 year olds arrested […]

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Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness Not Enough to Expunge Conviction

Filed under: Criminal Law by Contributor @ January 9, 2017

“It’s been over 30 years. It would be nice to put this behind me.” That is what John Romeo was hoping to do when he filed a petition for expungement of his 32-year-old criminal trespass conviction. The Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas denied his motion. The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the denial holding that […]

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Criminal Record Sealing Law in PA Greatly Expanded

Filed under: Criminal Law, News by Contributor @ November 25, 2016

Earlier this year we posted an article discussing that a broader criminal record sealing law will be going into effect later in the year. Well, that time has now come. Starting November 14, 2016 , an individual who has been convicted of certain non-violent 2nd or 3rd degree misdemeanors is able to seek to have […]

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