What Are “Jagged Humps” in Blood Test Results?

Filed under: DUI by Contributor @ July 20, 2014

Thousands of blood alcohol test results were called into question in Wisconsin because of a phenomenon dubbed “jagged humps” that has been observed in one blood testing lab. The science behind headspace gas chromatography tests is complex and the details can be found here, but in essence these jagged humps are unexplained anomalies in the results […]

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Retroactive Application of SORNA

Filed under: Criminal Law, Sex Crimes by Contributor @ July 18, 2014

In Commonwealth v. Perez, 2014 WL 3339161 (Pa.Super. July 09, 2014), the Pennsylvania Superior Court held that the retroactive application of SORNA, the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, did not violate the Ex Post Facto Clause of the Federal Constitution. SORNA requires offenders of certain sex crimes to register with the government so they […]

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Defendant Granted New Trial Due to Biased Judge

Filed under: Criminal Law, News by Contributor @ July 17, 2014

In Commonwealth v. Shwarz , 1847 EDA 2012 (July 15, 2014), the Pennsylvania Superior Court granted a new trial to an appellant who argued the trial court judge exhibited bias against him. The appellant, a Philadelphia police officer, faced charges of official oppression and related offenses, and was convicted by a jury. On appeal, the appellant argued that the trial judge […]

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Pa. Transportation Committee Expands Ignition-Interlock Requirements

Filed under: Criminal Law by Contributor @ July 7, 2014

The Pennsylvania Senate Transportation Committee recently met and voted to amend Senate Bill 1036, expanding the ignition-interlock requirements. Ignition-interlock devices are essentially breathalyzers installed in cars. They require the driver to exhale into the device to show that the driver is not intoxicated when starting the car or while driving. If the driver refuses to […]

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Cell Phone Tracking in Pennsylvania

Filed under: Criminal Law, News by Contributor @ July 2, 2014

The usage of cell phones has made it easier than ever for us to be tracked.  Even if a phone has been destroyed, it may have left behind evidence that investigators can use to piece together where it, and its owner, have been. Whenever a phone call is made, there is a two-way communication between […]

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