Compensation For Those Unfairly Treated By Employer Due To Criminal Conviction

Filed under: Criminal Law, News by Contributor @ October 2, 2015

Under the Criminal History Record Information Act, those with criminal convictions, who have already fully paid their debt to society, cannot be discriminated against unreasonably through a company’s employment practices.  The Act covers arrests and convictions unrelated to the position sought.    You may recall that back in May, we described the process and importance of […]

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Montgomery County to Discontinue DUI Court

Filed under: Criminal Law, DUI by Contributor @ September 23, 2015

Montgomery County’s trial run (no pun intended) of having one Judge handle every single DUI case in the county will be discontinued next year.  Instead, the workload will be split between the eight judges who currently hear criminal cases.    This news will have substantial ramifications going forward for all litigants and their attorneys in Montgomery […]

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New York Times Exposes Psychology Study Errors: How Does This Affect the Criminal Defendant?

Filed under: News by Contributor @ September 19, 2015

A few weeks back, the New York Times reported that more than 60% of studies in a survey of leading social science papers could not hold up under scrutiny. Although the study, nicknamed the “Reproducibility Project,” did not uncover any evidence of intentional deception or complete falsity, it does call into question many studies that […]

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“Back to School Bus” Warning

Filed under: News by Contributor @ September 16, 2015

As school returns and the summer schedule ends, everyone knows the roads become busier during the morning commute.   What people sometimes forget this time of year is that school buses have their own “rules of the road.”    The legal consequences of failing to abide can be severely damaging, both financially and professionally. Pennsylvania’s […]

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Baltimore Defense Lawyers Uncover Illegal Police Cell Phone Tracking

Filed under: Criminal Law, News by Contributor @ September 12, 2015

USA Today reported last week that nearly 2,000 convictions are being examined in Baltimore, Maryland, where the police improperly used high power cell phone tracking devices to  investigate crimes.  Defense lawyers plan to seek to have hundreds of convictions thrown out. According to the article, cellphone trackers known as “stingrays” have been used by police […]

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