Is “Bite Mark Analysis” a Reliable Forensic Science? Washington Post Raises Questions.

Filed under: Criminal Law by Contributor @ March 18, 2015

In a damning expose, the Washington Post has laid bare the junk science that is “bite mark analysis,” the forensic method of looking at indentations found in human skin thought to be caused by human teeth.  The patterns are then matched to plaster molds taken of the teeth of suspects.  The article not only calls into question […]

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New Child Protection Laws More Stringent, Expansive

Filed under: News by Contributor @ March 12, 2015

Over the last year, the Pennsylvania legislature has enacted more than twenty laws addressing a multitude of issues directly relating to the protection of children that practitioners and laypersons should be aware of.  Included in these changes are a longer list of mandatory reporters, a more rigorous definition of child abuse, new licensing requirements, and […]

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Fairlie & Lippy Client Granted New Sentencing

Filed under: Criminal Law, Drug Crimes by Contributor @ March 8, 2015

Fairlie & Lippy, P.C. has won another appeal for one of its clients. In Commonwealth v. Ali, 2015 PA Super. 45, the Pennsylvania Superior Court recognized that the trial court had made three significant errors, and that, as a matter of law, Ali must be afforded the opportunity for a new sentencing. It should be noted that […]

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Superior Court Reads Statute Strictly To Deny Expungement

Filed under: Criminal Law by Contributor @ March 2, 2015

In Commonwealth v. Giulian, 2015 WL 751570, the Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed a decision by the trial court denying Giulian’s petition for expungement, reading the relevant statute as forbidding expungement where there is a second conviction occurring within a five-year period of the conviction sought to be expunged. An Expungement is a motion that is filed with […]

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Strange But True: Fargo Zamboni Driver Pleads Guilty to DUI

Filed under: DUI, Strange But True by Contributor @ February 24, 2015

Straight out of Fargo, North Dakota, Valley News reports that 27 year-old Steve Anderson, formerly a part-time Zamboni driver for the Park District Sports Arena, pled guilty this week to an on-the-job DUI.  This plea agreement stems from an incident in January where spectators at a girls’ hockey game watched him erratically weave across the […]

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