SCOTUS Slaps Down State Court Lifetime Monitoring Program on 4th Amendment Grounds

Filed under: Sex Crimes by Contributor @ April 20, 2015

In a per curiam decision, Grady v. North Carolina, the United States Supreme Court on Monday granted the petitioner’s writ of certiorari and immediately vacated the judgment of the Supreme Court of North Carolina.  This decision allows two-time sex offender Torrey Dale Grady to challenge a tracking device that he was ordered by a state trial […]

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House Passes Bill Mandating 3-Year Supervision for Sex Offenders

Filed under: Criminal Law, Sex Crimes by Contributor @ April 15, 2015

In late February, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation requiring additional monitoring of sex offenders after they complete their prison sentence.  House Bill 446 (read in in full here) has now been referred to the Senate Law and Justice Committee for consideration.  HB 446 imposes a mandatory three-year probation period (“Probation Tail”) on […]

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Getting Drunk for a Good Cause?

Filed under: DUI, Strange But True by Contributor @ April 8, 2015

In a weird turn of events,  Newtown Square Police, in Delaware County, are looking for volunteers to drink for a good cause.   Officers working on their DUI certification will be participating in a “field sobriety coordination testing school” on May 6th-7th.   There are certain requirements for participation, but this is a free opportunity to drink […]

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Pottstown Mercury: Montco DUI Court Battles Sobering Problem

Filed under: DUI by Contributor @ April 6, 2015

Click here for an interesting article on Montgomery County’s DUI Court.    

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In Hearing, Supreme Court Justices Question Criminal “Justice” System

Filed under: Criminal Law, News by Contributor @ April 2, 2015

“The idea of total incarceration just isn’t working” – Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy “A Terrible Idea” – Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, when asked about mandatory minimums. On March 23, United States Supreme Court Justices Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer marched across the street from the Supreme Court Building to Capitol Hill, ostensibly to […]

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