Missing Drugs and Cash Found in Upper Dublin Police Detective’s Home

Filed under: Drug Crimes, News by Contributor @ March 21, 2017

The Upper Dublin Police Department requested an independent review of the department after thousands of dollars in cash and a variety of drugs went missing from the evidence room when under the watch and control of the late Detective Michael Gommer. The missing evidence and other irregularities were discovered following the suicide of the Detective. […]

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Drug Education Program Available to First Time Drug Offenders

Filed under: Drug Crimes by Contributor @ March 8, 2017

With the rise in drug-related offenses across the greater Philadelphia area, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and Lower Providence Police Department announced the launch of a new drug education program for young drug offenders. The Drug Education and Abuse Prevention program (D.E.A.P.) is a voluntary pilot program for 18 to 26 year olds arrested […]

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No Mandatory Minimums for Refusing Blood Test in PA

Filed under: DUI by Contributor @ February 24, 2017

“In absence of a warrant or exigent circumstances justifying a search, a defendant who refuses to provide a blood sample when requested by police [for suspicion of DUI] is not subject to enhanced penalties” (Commonwealth v. Giron). The Pennsylvania Superior Court held that Giron, who was found guilty of DUI, was sentenced illegally because he […]

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Mandatory Minimums May Not be Imposed for Refusing to Submit to a Blood Test

Filed under: DUI by Contributor @ January 18, 2017

In a brand new decision, a panel of three judges in the Pennsylvania Superior Court held that a trial judge may not impose a mandatory minimum sentence based on a DUI defendant’s refusal to submit to a warrantless blood test. This past summer the United States Supreme Court concluded that a breath test, but not […]

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Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness Not Enough to Expunge Conviction

Filed under: Criminal Law by Contributor @ January 9, 2017

“It’s been over 30 years. It would be nice to put this behind me.” That is what John Romeo was hoping to do when he filed a petition for expungement of his 32-year-old criminal trespass conviction. The Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas denied his motion. The Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the denial holding that […]

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